I Wrote this web just to share what I think it is important to be shared, particularly for them who need to know. My name is no one. Nothing important. Just call me  syofri.  I had been working  for about  30 years in about  4 big refineries, mainly in refinery operations, as shift supervisor  and management for  Refinery Nusantara, located in  the three major islands of Indonesia, Kalimantan, P. Java and Sumatra. Those impressive experiences  will be chosen to be writen and  presented in this RefineryNusantara.com. Therefore, this paper is engineered to provide the best record, with the hope may be useful for the readers.

My first experiences was, starting as an young engineer, recruited by a Project team of State  Oil Company and worked for PPK-BBM (Proyek Pengembangan Kilang-Bahan Bakar Minyak, November 1981)  in Jakarta. Later, after special training in South Sumatra,  this company assigned me to worked for in a Project-Plantsite,  as a team with 7 others  engineers,  involved  supervising site preparation, making local scope of work and bid documents, tendered and supervised during construction . My special assignment was supervised during building the Utilities plant, H2 steam reforming unit and Methanol Plant In East Kalimantan, followed by activities prepared a start up team for the initial pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, Normal Operation, Shutdown and Turn Around / Overhaul the refinery. Since that early stages, I used to manage an operation team of a process unit in refinery, old refinery, a new Refinery or involved to manage the whole refinery itself during start-up, during Overhaul and turn around the refinery, normal operation as Production manager, Start-up and commisioning coordinator for a new unit and as Refinery Manufacturing Manager, General manager, etc. in Balikpapan-Kalimantan Refinery, Balongan Refinery, Cilacap Refinery and Plaju / Sungai Gerong Refinery in South Sumatra. It was very impressive also preparing crude oils and distributed product for/ from the whole Refinery from Jakarta head office. There were a lot of experience and impression during working in detail inside Refinery such as  in Utilities facilities, H2 Plant, Residuel Catalytic Cracking Unit (RCCU / RFCCU), Propylene Recovery unit, Hydrodemetalization, CDU, Plat-Forming Unit, Lube Oil Plant, Paraxylene, and many other units.

The RefineryNusantara.Com will describes and Posting many kind of stories, experience, suggestions in the form of stories strung together, and attempted pull. All taken from the records of work experience, best practices, observation, comparation and a collection of applied science has ever applied in the processing activities at the Refinery Nusantara Indonesia. Several description will also be combined with input from various sources. Technical Description is made so as to facilitate the author recalled, describing in simple and easy. It is expected that all things are presented can be useful for the reader, with a note “not to debate the numbers and accuracy”. This is consistent with the purpose of making this site, namely the sharing of stories rather than the accuracy of the data. Name Refinery Nusantara used merely to facilitate freedom and free release the attachment information to any place and time. But writing a dish having an accuracy of a good effort and not to disparage or praise the parties in this archipelago. Take the value of the benefits or positive things that needed it.

From experience it is felt that all workers who devote themselves in the Refinery Nusantara has changed their life became an actual sort of special forces engaged in the task of strict discipline to be able to run the refinery, working in full awareness of safety at anytime and must obey the rules according to the proced



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